Advides excursions

Our refuge is a good starting point for many trips and crossing of Catinaccio. You can find excursions for all people, by the beginner to the expert mountaineer. We recommend in any case of doing paths suitable to your own physical characteristics, and to the atmospheric conditions (very important!) too.
Also very important, you should have to tell us, where you are going to go, without change your trip by the way. And, enough, never throw papers and rubbish in the forest or in the alpine meadow!
The easiest path, suitable for the beginners, is the Nr. 540, that in almost 40 minutes of walking through the forest, reaches the Gardeccia. From here it’s possible going on, towards the Vajolet refuge that is accessible in 45 minutes further from Gardeccia.
We recommend also the path Nr. 545, that in about 1,30 Hrs. drives you to the Roda de Vael refuge, from that you can going further till Paolina refuge. Particularly adviced for the coming back from Vael is the “Sheeps path”, in Ladin “Vial da le feode”: from this path you can enjoy a beautiful view on the landscape of Fassa valley.
Other beautiful ruote is the “giro delle Cigolade” (3,30 Hrs., path Nr. 541).
There are also equipped path, like  Roda de Vael, Majarè and Catinaccio d’Antermoia.

And in Winter… Snow, snow and further snow!!! We are in the middle of the Skislopes! The slopes Tomba and Thöni are waiting for you! There is also place for the people, that doesn’t love Ski! In fact, recently it was created a path reserved for the “Ciaspole”, and that arrives to Gardeccia. When you come  back, after a big effort and so much cold, we will prepare you a hot, taste “polenta”, accompanied by a taste glass of wine!

The Sat

The Sat is the local branch of the Italian Alpine Club (CAI), and our refuge is one of its properties.